The vivid colors of Marrakech in contrast to the sand colored mysterious Fez; the dynamic souks in contrast to the serene ocean-views from Rabat; the geometric designs in contrast to the hand painted doors. All of these diverse and beautiful contrasts seen in Morocco, were the source of inspiration for the debut collection ‘VIVID’ of Studio MAQAM.

While the prints we used in this collection are designed by, and thus belong to, Studio MAQAM, they are fully inspired by the colors and forms we observed in Morocco. The sand color is a visualization of the mysterious old medina of Fez, and you may recognize the striped pattern from the ceilings of the Bahia Palace or the deep blue and ocher as seen in the Majorelle Garden. It is impossible to include every aspect of this wonderful and diverse country, with also a very rich culture and history, in one collection; but we wanted to give you a taste, a piece to cherish.